Producer Program

    You can be an instrumental partner in bringing new plays to life by supporting PlayPenn at the Producer level. PlayPenn is deeply grateful for the sustained generosity of its major donors and Conference Producers.

    Producers will receive the following special VIP benefits:

    Oslo Trip PlayPenn 2017
    Executive Producers ($5,000+)
    All of the below listed Associate Producer Benefits, plus:
    • Access to the Executive Dining Room – Invitation to Welcome Dinner with Conference playwrights, featuring a tasting menu at a favorite Philadelphia restaurant
    • Acknowledgment as the Executive Producer of the supported play in the curtain speech and opportunity to join Artistic Director Paul Meshejian in delivering pre-reading announcements
    • Up to four tickets per Conference event
    Associate Producers ($2,000+)
    • Credit as Producer for one Conference play on PlayPenn website, promotional brochure, email correspondence and Facebook notices, and Conference program
    • Curtain speech recognition at the public reading of the supported Conference play
    • Invitation to exclusive events, including VIP Celebration Dinner and other community-building events for Conference artists (past events have included our Conference artist meet-and-greet breakfast and company pizza party)
    • Concierge ticketing service for Conference readings
    • Unlimited access to Conference workshop rehearsals (with prior notice)
    • An autographed copy of the supported Conference play
    • Up to four tickets for the supported Conference play, two tickets to all other Conference events
    We extend very special thanks to PlayPenn’s 2017 Producers:

    The House of the Negro Insane by Terence Anthony
    Executive Producer:  Wyncote Foundation
    Associate Producers: Nancy Boykin and Dan Kern, Gretchen and Thomas Quinn

    Hard Cell by Brent Askari
    Executive Producer:  Anne M. Congdon
    Associate Producers: Wendy and Lawrence White

    Galilee by Christine Evans
    Executive Producer: Anne M. Congdon
    Associate Producer: Joseph Zebrowitz, MD

    Thirst by C.A. Johnson
    Executive Producers: Richard and Laura Vague
    Associate Producers: Carol Baker and Mark Stein, Jan Rothschild

    With by Carter W. Lewis
    Executive Producer: Jeanne Ruddy and Victor Keen
    Associate Producers: Steven Engelmyer and Lisa Wershaw, Philip Hawkins and Ronnie Kurchner-Hawkins

    penny candy by Jonathan Norton
    Executive Producers: Willy Holtzman
    Associate Producers: Anonymous, The Chatham Foundation

    To become a PlayPenn Producer, please contact Paul Meshejian at
    All gifts are tax-deductible to the extent allowable by law.

    "As a producer of new work I depend on places like PlayPenn that provide playwrights a safe space to take risks and explore their creative process. I applaud PlayPenn and I encourage you to support their efforts in creating the future of the American stage."

    -Ed Herendeen, Producing Director, Contemporary American Theater Festival
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