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June 2018

2018 Conference Event Calendar

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Events by Date

Tuesday, July 17
5:00pmThe Garbologists by Lindsay Joelle
8:00pm Tha Chink-Mart by Ray Yamanouchi


Wednesday, July 18
5:00pm Bruise & Thorn by J. Julian Christopher
8:00pm You, the Fire, and Me by Sevan K. Greene


Thursday, July 19
5:00pmKids Drop (Off) by Dominic Taylor
8:00pm Dimenticar by Mattie J. Hawkinson


Monday, July 23
7:30pm – Foundry Reading:  Down in the Holler by Val Dunn (additional reading)


Tuesday, July 24
7:30pmJoan by Stephen Belber (additional reading)


Thursday, July 26
8:00pmThe Garbologists by Lindsay Joelle


Friday, July 27
8:00pmTha Chink-Mart by Ray Yamanouchi


Saturday, July 28
2:00pm – Intern Playwright Ten-Minute Plays
4:00pm You, the Fire, and Me by Sevan K. Greene
8:00pmBruise & Thorn by J. Julian Christopher


Sunday, July 29
2:00pmDimenticar by Mattie J. Hawkinson
5:00pmKids Drop (Off) by Dominic Taylor

Events by Play

Bruise & Thorn
by J. Julian Christopher

Wednesday, July 18th – 5:00pm
Saturday, July 28th – 8:00pm

Bruise and Thorn work at a busted-up old laundromat in Jamaica, Queens. Bruise dreams of becoming a chef. Thorn dreams of changing the face of Hip Hop with his unabashed Queerness. When finances become strained, they get caught up in an illegal cockfighting ring led by their boss, Mrs. Gallo, sending them on a magical ride to make their dreams come true and get the hell out of Jamaica. Bruise & Thorn is an authentic look at a Nuyorican street family, not through bloodline, but rather the social and economic indicators that naturally selects them to one another.

You, the Fire, and Me
by Sevan K. Greene

Wednesday, July 18th – 8:00pm
Saturday, July 28th – 4:00pm

Tommy, Jules, and Omer are tired of their worlds, their countries, their governments, and their families. They’re tired of being invisible. They’re tired of being disenfranchised. They’re tired of being no one. They’ve found a supportive family with one another and found the solution to their problems: Joining a terrorist organization. A coming-of-age story for a new generation, You, the Fire, and Me asks how far you would go to have your voice heard and to finally be seen as someone rather than just anyone.

by Maddie J. Hawkinson

Thursday, July 19 – 8:00pm
Saturday, July 29 – 2:00pm

A loving father of three daughters has gone missing on his way to work. His car is found at the bottom of the river and the circumstances of his death don’t add up. The local police think he ran away, but nobody knows why. People crack under pressure all the time, but sometimes they do it in the most remarkable ways. This play asks, “Why would you ever leave your family? And if you did dare to leave home, what would bring you back again?”

The Garbologists
by Lindsay Joelle

Tuesday, July 17 – 5:00pm
Thursday, July 26 – 8:00pm

Danny’s a white, conservative, proud union member of the DSNY. Marlowe’s the Black, liberal, ivy-educated newbie who just joined his sanitation route. When they find something on the curb too valuable to throw away, they’ll be forced to reevaluate in each other what they mistook for trash.

Kids Drop (Off)
by Dominic Taylor

Thursday, July 19th – 5:00pm
Sunday, July 29th – 5:00pm

A group of parents have a collective “staycation” while their first graders are on a field trip. They get together because all parents need a moment of tension release. This day of relief is broken when Ado, the mother of a child that died a month ago, arrives. This play asks; how we can take care of ourselves and each other at the same time?

Tha Chink-Mart
by Ray Yamanouchi

Tuesday, July 17th – 8:00pm
Friday, July 27th – 8:00pm

In a small, suburban town in Long Island, New York, five Asian American teenage friends battle through high school—where they’re marked as Asians—and their ethnic home fronts—where they’re too American. Finding solace only among each other, they attempt to define for themselves what it means to be an Asian in America… for better or for worse.

Additional Reading: Joan
by Stephen Belber

Tuesday, July 24 – 7:30pm

Joan is a play about the entire life of a woman named Joan.

Foundry Reading: Down in the Holler
by Val Dunn

Monday, July 23 – 7:30pm

Deep in a holler of the Shenandoah Valley, Juniper prepares to spend a perfect life in a perfect cabin with her perfect partner, Blake. Until Maeve appears. Telling tall tales and crooning high lonesomes, Maeve beguiles Juniper return to Gin – a past self who once lived and loved in this here house. As Juniper attempts to exorcise her pursuit of passion and maintain the stable life she’s created with Blake, Down in the Holler witnesses a collision of class and queerness, ultimately asking how we reconcile who we were and who we thought we would become.

Intern Playwright Ten-Minute Plays

Saturday, July 28 – 2:00pm

Celebrate our six Conference interns as they share plays they’ve created under the tutelage of PlayPenn’s Education Director.