2024 Foundry Readings

The Foundry is PlayPenn‘s three year membership program that supports emerging Philadelphia playwrights with professional development, networking opportunities, and exposure as they launch their playwriting careers. Every year, Foundry graduates present workshop readings of their plays, and this year’s Foundry graduates are Keenya J. Jackson, eppchez yo-sí yes and Nimisha Ladva.
``Celebrity Dream Date`` By Keenya J. Jackson

Directed by Dave Ebersole
Dramaturgy by Jordan Ealey
July 12, 2024 at 7:30pm EST
at The Drake Theatre

Meet Leva and Sky Parker, the creators of a fresh, new take on the dating scene. Inspired after reading about their aunt’s journal about a steamy, love affair with an old Hollywood actor (which had to be made up, right?) Leva and Sky navigate between AI generated dates and real dates and learn that dating for single black females is not for the faint at heart. What does real love look like? And can black women achieve it?

``Junk Redemption`` by eppchez yo-sí yes

Directed by A Z Espinoza
Dramaturgy by Autumn Storm Blalock
July 13, 2024 at 7:30pm EST
at The Drake Theatre

Lorna, a curator from the city who specializes in showing self-taught/outsider artists is chasing the lead of an anonymous public sculpture in the hope of finding her next artist to champion. She is surprised when she meets reclusive assemblage artist Jona, who is not at all what she expected. Junk Redemption hopes to be an ensemble journey about art, the places between life and death, and intergenerational care and healing.

``Spitting Image: A Brown Girl’s Story About Her Black Friend`` by Nimisha Ladva

Directed by Edward Sobel
Dramaturgy by Megan Schumacher
July 14, 2024 at 2pm EST
at The Drake Theatre

Adjunct Professor Nalini is a finalist for her dream teaching job when she is called in by the Provost and learns that a student has filed a complaint against her for teaching a classic text of the Harlem Renaissance that features a violent lynching. Worse still, the Provost, a Black woman, turns out to be Nalini’s estranged friend from high school. Racial and class resentments arise when unresolved issues resurface, and their personal attachments inflame their professional roles. Ultimately, the two women are forced to confront whether some stories are too dangerous to teach in today’s politically and racially riven climate.