About Us

How we support risk-taking, boundary-pushing work.

At PlayPenn, the playwright is the fundamental authority in the creation of new work.

Our Playwrights

Our organization thrives because of the ever growing variety of Playwrights that we have the pleasure of supporting. Because PlayPenn does not produce plays, we can nurture the creative impulses of artists and dedicate our work to the developmental process in its purest form.

Our Mission

PlayPenn is an artist-driven organization dedicated to the development of new plays and playwrights. PlayPenn fully supports the needs of the writer and the demands of the play in an ever-evolving process within which playwrights can engage in risk taking, boundary-pushing work.


"It’s a good name, PlayPenn. What the theater folks at PlayPenn do is play, with plays. It’s a workshop that pulls in high-profile theater people from all over the country to help playwrights make plays better."

-The Philadelphia Inquirer