Above the Fold, by Julie Zaffarano

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Above the Fold
by Julie Zaffarano

ABOVE THE FOLD is set during the 1935 grand jury investigation of the death of rising musical theater star Evelyn Hoey in Glenmoore Pennsylvania. A group of reporters are covering the grand jury whose job it is to determine if there is sufficient evidence to conduct a trial for the murder of singer Evelyn Hoey by her lover Henry Huddleston Rogers III, the son of one of the richest men in the world. Reporter Dorothy Walton finds Evelyn’s story especially compelling.

“A couple months ago, Evelyn Hoey was a living, breathing person with hopes and dreams and fears. Family that loved her. Toast of the town. How does a woman like that end up with a bullet in her brain?”

Dorothy fights convention to be considered an equal partner with her male colleagues. She has to convince her editor to believe in her and in the importance of telling a truthful story. In addition, Dorothy needs to face her own feelings about her colleague and former lover, Carl, who is also assigned to cover the grand jury.

This is a story of victimization, of truth vs. sensationalism, of justice vs. power, and coping with personal demons.

Julie Zaffarano is a Philadelphia area playwright who believes everyone’s lives are made of a myriad of stories. While her work spans multiple genres and forms, as well as varied characters, she loves creating strong roles for women. 

Upcoming: TAPPING AT THE WINDOW (Philadelphia Women’s Theatre Festival) and THE SIGN (Central PA Theatre Festival). Most recent: THE SIGN (Eden Prairie Players). SWEET REVENGE (Rover Dramawerks); GAMMA GIRLS TO THE RESCUE (New Feathers Productions and Cape May Stage, readings); DESTINY IS A CARELESS WAITER (Juniper Productions); ABOVE THE FOLD (Media Arts Council and Allen Lane Arts Center); THE PLAYMAKERS (Rover Dramawerks and What If? Productions). 

Recent recognitions: Finalist, Terrence McNally Award; Two times Semi Finalist, O’Neill National Playwrights Conference; Finalist, Veterans Repertory Theatre; Best Production, Pittsburgh New Work Festival; Winner, Best New Work, What if Productions, Finalist, Villanova University Sue Winge Playwriting Competition.

Addition productions/readings with: PlayPenn Foundry, Allens Lane Theatre, Dramatist Guild Philadelphia, R-Act Productions, ReVamp Collective, Maryland Ensemble Theatre, A Work in Progress Theatre, Philadelphia Dramatists Center, Cloverdale Playhouse, Town and Country Players, Rose Valley Chorus and Orchestra, Media Arts Council, Colonial Theatre, RL Productions, South Street Players, Plays & Players, Tempest Productions, Players Club of Swarthmore, and Everyone’s Theatre Company.

Julie is a member of: PlayPenn Foundry, Dramatist Guild, Ghost Light Dramatists, Witherspoon Circle, Honor Roll, Indiana Playwrights Center, Minneapolis Playwrights Center, Director’s Gathering, and Philadelphia Dramatists Center. She holds two Masters’ Degrees from Villanova University. Find her on her webpage: www.juliezaffarano.com or new play exchange: https://newplayexchange.org/users/12137/julie-zaffarano .