Play With Your Food with Quinn D. Eli

11/11/2019 from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM ET

Join us a small group of PlayPenn friends as we replicate our Conference Roundtable.
You are invited to join us for PlayPenn’s second annual Play With Your Food!
Our annual Conference always begins with the Roundtable – time for the creative teams to read through each play followed by active group discussion raising questions and sharing observations, offering the playwright insightful response in preparation for the revisions and rewrites that lay ahead.
Led by PlayPenn Associate Artistic Director and Dramaturg, Michele Volansky and playwright Quinn D. Eli,  we will explore a new piece, IF & WHEN in progress by Quinn.
IF & WHEN: A real-life adventure is taking place inside of Damascus Comics, only there are no superheroes around to save the store’s African-American proprietor, Ramir, after his oldest friend and only employee, a white woman named Beth, attracts the frenzied attention of protestors and reporters in a case caught live on video: Convinced that two white children traveling with a black man are somehow in harm’s way, Beth calls the police, setting off a series of events that endangers the store she runs with Ramir, threatens their relationship, and demands in the end an enormous price for Living While Black.

Join us in a private room at Pietro's Pizzeria to enjoy a delicious meal and recreate our summer Roundtable as we explore Quinn's play. You can actively participate as a cast member and read a scene or simply attend to satisfy your curiosity about the process. The Roundtable is one of our favorite and most stimulating parts of the Conference and we look forward to sharing this evening with you.
Tickets are $85/person and provides you with a delicious multi course meal, wine, and a memorable evening diving into a script while tapping into your creative side.

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