Foundry Reading @ Plays and Players: Paige Zubel

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      Join PlayPenn @ Plays & Players in the 3rd Floor Skinner Studio for free work in progress readings by current members of The Foundry. Quig’s will be open before, during, and after each reading. No reservations needed.

      Dead Meat

      by Paige Zubel

      December 10, 2019
      Time: 7:30pm

      Upstairs at Plays & Players Theatre, 1714 Delancey Place, Philadelphia, PA


      It’s the end of the world. A once-promising medication goes awry, mutating 51% of the world’s population into shells of human beings, with only the basic motor functions left to chase, bite, and kill. (Yep. They’re zombies.) Three men–seemingly alone in the apocalypse–are honestly pretty all right with it. Until Alex, an intersex woman, distorts the dichotomies in which these men view their black and white world.

      Paige Zubel
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