Our Initiatives

Our Initiatives

We want to state this clearly and plainly:


PlayPenn is committed to serving the needs of playwrights. 


We recognize and acknowledge that we have not always fulfilled this mission and for that we sincerely apologize.


We acknowledge that slavery also existed on this land. Enslaved people helped build this city and its culture; yet racism, xenophobia and antiblackness still exist today. We acknowledge the continuum of historical damage that has been done to these and other communities.


We are here, doing the work of growing into a better PlayPenn, mindful of the right we all have to work in an environment that is completely free of harassment and discriminatory conduct. 


We are inspired by theatre artists from Philadelphia and around the country who embrace authenticity, community, and collaboration.  We are committed to upholding this model of creative partnership. 


The values we share today signal our commitment to an intentionally equitable and anti-racist organization. This emphasis allows for a culturally diverse and inclusive future. We are grateful that you continue to push us into a deeper awareness.


Together, we move forward to become more resilient and impactful in our unwavering support of new plays and playwrights.

Let Us Know Your Thoughts

"It’s a good name, PlayPenn. What the theater folks at PlayPenn do is play, with plays. It’s a workshop that pulls in high-profile theater people from all over the country to help playwrights make plays better."

-The Philadelphia Inquirer