Our Values

What We Believe

Our Values

Fairness and Belonging

PlayPenn believes in a free, fair, and transparent process that is welcoming to all. PlayPenn strives to remove all inequitable barriers that prevent people from fully engaging in the process.


Authenticity and Respect

PlayPenn believes everyone should be treated with dignity.  PlayPenn respects diversity in voice, theatricality, language, style, class, culture, tradition, and identity.


Empathy and Flexibility

PlayPenn believes in continually challenging our assumptions and biases, evaluating the impact of our choices on others, and acting with flexibility, timeliness and care, when change is needed.


Curiosity and Dialogue

PlayPenn believes in active curiosity and inclusive discussions. We strive to work against the destructive ramifications of silence, “groupthink,” and the centering of whiteness over diverse voices.


Community and Collaboration

PlayPenn values the multiplicity of voices in our community and believes that the collaborative process of storytelling deepens connections and communal understanding, in ways that enrich us all.


Sense of Play and Trust

PlayPenn believes there is joy in being a part of creation. When artists trust the organization’s values and processes they can more fully explore the boundaries of their work.


Expectation and Accountability

PlayPenn believes we all bring our best self to every interaction. PlayPenn will hold itself accountable for any breach of these values, either within the organization, or from those who engage with us.

Let Us Know Your Thoughts

"It’s a good name, PlayPenn. What the theater folks at PlayPenn do is play, with plays. It’s a workshop that pulls in high-profile theater people from all over the country to help playwrights make plays better."

-The Philadelphia Inquirer