Vintage Illustrations of the Devil, by Kevin Esmond

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Vintage Illustrations of the Devil
by Kevin Esmond

A spooky collection of five frightening tales, all told from the gift shop/waiting area of a Cracker Barrel restaurant…..during a storm!!!  VINTAGE ILLUSTRATIONS OF THE DEVIL dares us to investigate a cold-hearted murder…to stare into an open grave…and to come face to face with the truest horror of all…what if we’ve been following the wrong story all along?

Kevin Esmond is a playwright, director and educator based in South Jersey.  He created and directs the Intern Co., a young adult theatre education program at Burlington County Footlighters, whose productions include originals such as ONE GIANT LEAP and the Walt Whitman-inspired O ME! O LIFE!.  Kevin won the Sue Winge Playwriting Award for his play FONDEST WISH.  His play DO-GOODERS received a reading at Philadelphia Plays & Players, and FONDEST WISH will receive a full production at the 2nd Stage in Cinnaminson, NJ this year.  Kevin holds in MA in Theatre from Villanova University, where he currently works as Program Coordinator and adjunct professor.

Kevin still won’t submit his plays to anything, and hopes that a publisher will for some reason one day happen to visit his home.