New Plays Live Here

    PlayPenn advances Philadelphia’s reputation as a crossroads for theatre artists.

    The Art and Craft of Playwriting

    PlayPenn is an artist-driven organization dedicated to improving the way in which new plays are developed. Our annual Conference and year-round development workshops result in staged readings of new plays each year for over 1,800 artists, producers, and theatergoers. Additionally, our educational programs serve another 250 writers from around the globe.

    Our 2020 New Play Development Conference will continue online! Readings will be streamed as a benefit for Theatre Philadelphia’s Emergency Relief program.

    More information and tickets available here.

    Our 2020 Playwrights

    We support artists at all career stages across a broad spectrum of cultural, economic, ethnic, and gender experience.

    Want to know more about the application process and selection? Learn more here.

    As an organization devoted to the theatrical telling of stories that represent the breadth of society and culture in our country, we are aware of the responsibility we have to our community and to ourselves to redouble our efforts to ensure that stories from every quarter find support toward public telling.

    Read our full statement here.

    PlayPenn hosted an evening with renowned playwrights Ayad Akhtar and J.T. Rogers. Read the transcript of their conversation here.

    "What PlayPenn is doing directly strengthens the lifeblood of the American Theatre."

    -J.T. Rogers, playwright