New Plays Live Here
We know it’s been quite a while since you’ve heard anything from PlayPenn. To be honest, understanding what to say has taken some time.

The past year has highlighted serious, unprecedented challenges, questions and responsibilities for us here at PlayPenn.

It has put us face-to-face with a crucial reality: we have important growing to do, into the safe, equitable and inclusive organization that PlayPenn must become and that our community deserves and demands.

We’re listening, we’re learning, and we’re committed to rebuilding.

We’ve laid important groundwork for our intentions to add more viewpoints and capabilities, through updated leadership, new voices at the table and a fresh look at the way we operate.

This has already gained us some valuable footing:

  • We’ve refreshed the PlayPenn lens by elevating Sabrina Profitt to Acting Executive Director, and Nancy Boykin to Board President.


  • We’ve welcomed new board members, Kimberly S. Fairbanks, Daniel Ison and DeLanna Studi, who bring their perspectives to helping set and execute the creative and operational agendas for the PlayPenn of 2021 and beyond. Learn more about all our board members here.


  • We’ve hired new, interim lead artists, L Feldman and Keelay Gipson, for The Foundry, our emerging writer’s group, to cultivate and mentor the next generation of PlayPenn-supported playwrights.

It’s all part of our emphasis on welcoming the insights needed to help ensure that PlayPenn’s growth is authentic, effective and sustainable.

While we still have much learning to do, what’s certain is our core mission to support new plays and playwrights through transformative, artistic collaboration and exchange remains.

Today, the world requires us to establish a new normal. Finding ours hasn’t been and won’t be easy, but we’re here, and we’re doing the work.

We openly welcome your input as we move through this ever-evolving process. We encourage you to share your thoughts directly by emailing us at and by visiting our website to check in on what we’re doing and learn more along with us, as we go.

"What PlayPenn is doing directly strengthens the lifeblood of the American Theatre."

-J.T. Rogers, playwright