2025 Conference

PlayPenn’s next New Play Development Conference will take place in 2025 in celebration of our 20th Anniversary.


The 2025 Conference will focus on 6 plays chosen from no more than 300 applicants through a rigorous selection process that involves nearly 60 paid readers from the Mid-Atlantic area. The plays are solicited in a way that encourages writers from marginalized communities to participate. We advertise through mainstream media, but also other more equitable sources of information such as our website, social media, theater related blogs, podcasts, newsletters, and by word of mouth.

We plan to announce the Conference play selections in the Spring of 2025. New to the Conference will be a reading of a student play in partnership with Philadelphia Young Playwrights, as well as four Foundry Graduate Readings.


Until then, stay tuned for the Conference by joining PlayPenn’s mailing list and following Playpenn on social media.