Megan Schumacher

Foundry Member

Megan Schumacher is a Philadelphia based playwright, director, dramaturg and educator. Her plays straddle the line between pessimism and optimism as she explores those who are marginalized and their quest for equity and justice. Her one-act play Superlosers was produced by Juniper Productions for the 2018 Philadelphia Fringe Festival and most recently she directed excerpts of fellow Foundry member Alexandra Espinoza’s play, Homeridae, during the 2019 Philadelphia Theatre Week. Currently, she serves as an Education Dramaturg Consultant at Villanova University and a new play dramaturg for The Refinery Workshop at Steel River Theatre. She is directing Marissa Kennedy’s solo piece Out of the Shadows for the 2019 Philadelphia Fringe Festival. She has a M.A. in Theatre from Villanova University.


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